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For the Metal Heads (and even non-Metal Heads)

For the Metal Heads (and even non-Metal Heads)

Posted by Sean Lemons on Oct 24th 2018

If you haven't heard of Animals as Leaders, you might not be a Metal Head. That's ok. 

The lack of screaming vocals (or any vocals, for that matter) makes this group more palatable for all types of music lovers. The trio, a small group for a metal band, consists of the legendary guitarist Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes on guitar and sometimes bass, and Matt Garska on the drums. They rarely need a dedicated bass player as the top strings on Abasi's 8-string "Extended Range" guitar act are low enough to cover that range. 

For us drummers, I don't need to say anything at all. Just check out the drums in this live version of The Woven Web (the first tune).