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Rich Redmond

Rich Redmond

Posted by Sean Lemons on Sep 12th 2018

We here at Denver Percussion are truly lucky. Still smiling from having the great Jeff Hamilton, we can already start looking forward to our next great that will be walking through our doors (if he can find the place) - Rich Redmond. 

We've all heard his name in the drumming community. It's hard to not hear of someone who has as much standard musical success, touring with the likes of Jason Aldean, Bryan Adams, Joe Perry, and Bob Seger. He won Modern Drummer's "Country Drummer of the Year" in 2016. 

As much as we've heard about his major successes, I, at least, was totally unaware of his talents in the under-appreciated world of education. We all love to hear when someone in that stratosphere of success cares about something as important, and as universal, as education. As it grooves with our mission statement at Denver Percussion so well, it's a perfect match. That's why we're featuring three different ways to glean some drumming knowledge - a standard Clinic, a limited MasterClass, and one-on-one lessons. 

When it comes to his specific methods, you're going to hear a lot about C.R.A.S.H. - his formula for success that doesn't just apply to drumming. It's a structured mind set to get you from point A to point B. I won't go into too much detail (you'll hear it at the clinic yourself!), but the clinic is a perfect balance of theory and application - Rich showing us how it's done at the set. 

Another part I appreciate about his style of education is the scope can narrow down to fundamental elements of music - sheet music, transcriptions, etc. - but can also widen out to discuss topics pertaining to the music business, which a lot of people don't know anything about until they're thrust into it. 

Rich started playing at an early age, and played with the 1:00 Lab Band at the University of North Texas. Armed with his Master's Degree in Musical Education, he's went on to play with huge names and in front of massive audiences - and he's bring it all to Denver Percussion.

                “My life’s purpose is to entertain, motivate and inspire all the people of the world through the beauty and power of musical drumming”. - Rich Redmond


We have three separate ways to experience Redmond (and 10% off when you purchase tickets to all three!). On Friday, October 19th, we're doing an evening MasterClass. More personal than the clinic but still in a classroom settings, Rich teaches practical tips for drummers on and off the throne. Get your tickets HERE. Hurry, there are only 12 seats! 

The next day, October 20th, we're having a classic drumset clinic! More universal and just as much fun, the clinic has 40 seats available.  Get yours HERE.

With both of those, you're well on your way to the full Redmond experience! But, to top it all off, we have one-on-one lesson available with Rich. This focused, personal setting will give the most to any drummer with lessons being more focused on personal needs. Book your time slot HERE. 

Remember, if you get tickets to the Master Class and the Clinic, and book a one-on-one lesson with Rich Redmond, you get a 10% discount off of your total! 

Want to just hear him?  Check out this excerpt from a Jason Aldean DVD!