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Learning About Drum Kits & Sets

What is included in a drum set or drum kit? The modern drum set is meant for a single drummer and includes a variety of drums, cymbals, and percussion instruments. Historically, a group of percussionists would play drums and cymbals separately. Each person would have their own bass drum, snare drum, crash cymbals or handheld percussion instruments. As the jazz scene evolved, so did percussion and drumming. A single drummer could do much more with a drum kit that had all the individual instruments within reach. A pedal was invented to play the bass drum with one foot and keep time playing a 'sock cymbal' or 'low-boy' with the other foot.

We Are Drum Set Specialists

IWantDrums is the online drum store from Denver Percussion. We are specialists in percussion and drums. We have a full line of drum sets, snare and kits for sale at competitive prices. We can help you determine the best set up for your needs. We serve any range of percussion and drum needs: from the beginner who is just learning, a parent looking for a kids drum set, to a seasoned professional looking for that drum set you've have been dreaming about.

The Modern Drum Kit

Today's drums sets are comprised of three types of drums: the bass drum, the snare drum and the toms. The bass is played with a foot-pedal and has the basic beat and the lowest pitch in the set. The toms have a variety of pitches and are used for different tones, fills and solos. The snare is used for accent, style and an offset to the beat of the bass drum. The drum set is completed by the cymbals. The standard kit will include a ride cymbal, which is used for the steady rhythm. The hi-hat cymbal is controlled by a foot pedal and also used for the steady rhythm. The crash cymbals are used for accent and big sound.